Intellectual Property Lawyers: What Can They Do For You?

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In this fast-paced ever-changing world full of innovations and creations, protecting the intellectual property of companies and people has become a difficult task. This is due to the fact that in the digitalised era we live, stealing and piracy of the creations of the human mind are a common issue. Therefore, the demand for intellectual property lawyers has been increasing a lot recently.

Intellectual property lawyers (or IP lawyers) apply the IP law which is designed to protect the rights of people who have created or invented something new in the field of writing, music, drawing, painting and film. This field of the law, in spite of having a lot of challenges, is a stimulating specialisation because not only the IP lawyers will work with companies to protect their IP but also they will make sure the businesses can make an impact in the marketplace.


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Basically, IP lawyers procure the rights to new ideas as well as protect the ownership of existing creations. In addition, IP lawyers counsel the clients how to establish and protect their intellectual capital. Licensing inventions, transferring proprietary technology, drafting licensing agreements, negotiating settlements and conducting IP asset due diligence is part of their job duties. Furthermore, they might litigate intellectual property issues all around the world by representing the clients in federal and state courts.

Specifically, intellectual property lawyers Melbourne residents seek is for helping them file an application for a patent or trademark, defend your patent or trademark or make a presentation of your case in front of a patent examiner or board. One of the greatest things about intellectual property lawyers Melbourne residents find is their persistence in managing client expectations. IP lawyers must develop professionally in a continuous manner so that they can keep up with the relevant domestic and international laws.

Some of the IP lawyers Melbourne based also deal with intellectual property crimes which include the hard good piracy, internet piracy and cybersquatting (the abusive registration of trademarks on the internet). However, not all IP lawyers work the same. There are six primary areas that the IP law consists of: patent law, trademark law, copyright law, trade secret law, licensing and unfair competition.

All of the six areas are interconnected but fall in 2 major categories: patents, trademarks, industrial designs and geographic indications of source fall into the category of industrial property. The second category, Copyright, includes literary and artistic works, for example, drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures.

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