The Lawyer and You: What Should Your Relationship Be Based on?

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When it comes to winning a case presented in court, one thing is a must: a trustworthy relationship with your lawyer. Accuracy, credibility, principality, responsibility and reliability should be the main characteristics the relationship is built around. From there, you need to invest in other building blocks so that you can strengthen the relationship with your lawyer and eventually get to the wanted positive results.

A lot of Australian law firms put an emphasis on how important that relationship is because what their clients get from the mutual experience is a winning case, but what the lawyers get from it is a good reputation. Of course, mutual satisfaction is also present. So, here are several essential aspects that add to the positive experience of the relationship.

Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity

You might get confused with all the legal matters you have to deal with and not understand the legal terms and doings. That is why your lawyer should explain everything to you in a clear and concise way so that you can know what problems you are going to face during the process. Thus, you can get prepared for them. Your lawyer should also present the matters to you as they are, without sugarcoating them or giving you unreal expectations which will certainly not help your case. In addition, regular calls and emails should be part of the deal regardless of the fact that lawyers are always busy. Melbourne lawyers claim that prompt and current information is all it takes so that the process can develop successfully.

Competence brings confidence

There is no way you could know that your lawyer is competent to deal with all problems and arising issues of your case. However, their experience in solving cases similar to yours should give them the confidence to start with building a strong case and collecting all the necessary information and evidence. Their education should also give you a glimpse into their special skills so you should research a little bit about them before deciding on hiring them. It’s only fair that you would want the best of the best according to your possibilities and needs.

On the other hand, your lawyer might make mistakes during the process and you might not be satisfied with how they conduct the case. In some cases, their mistakes might cost you more money than expected and eventually losing the case. In such cases, you have the right to sue your lawyer for malpractice. Keep in mind though, that malpractice suits are very expensive and tough to win, so in order to avoid this unwanted development of the situation, be careful whom you hire as your lawyer at the very beginning.

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do

Ethical rules do exist in the world of law and justice. Even though they are different in different countries, the principal ones are still the same. For instance, in Australia, these rules require the Melbourne lawyers to represent you with undivided loyalty, keep your confidences, represent you competently and within the bounds of the law and put your interests ahead of their own. If your lawyer doesn’t respect these basic rules or violates them, they can be fined or made to return the stolen money from you and in some cases, they can even be suspended for a while.

Price is what you pay; value is what you get

A lot of problems can arise from miscommunication with your lawyer about the fee you have to pay when the case is over. For example, you could say that the bill is too high and that is not what you agreed upon at the beginning, or the attorney did a terrible job so the amount of money he wants now is ridiculous etc. That is why you should make sure that when you hire a lawyer you have the fee agreement in writing. The written agreement should have all the billable details and items and it would be easier to get transparency from the whole process of paying.

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